Easily Grow Herbs & Veggies

Patented high-quality vertical hydroponic systems for outdoor and indoor

Aerospring Garden

9 sections, 27 plants

Aerospring Indoor

9 sections, 27 plants

Grow Smart, Not Hard

The Aerospring is simple and easy to use. Our systems are low-maintenance and require less work than traditional gardening. Beyond having to occasionally harvest, plant, or prune — growing with the Aerospring is automated and virtually hands off.

Produce Lots More

Aeroponics is a branch of hydroponics that introduces more oxygen into the roots, which has been proven to drastically accelerate growth and improve yields. Our low-pressure aeroponic drip design produces more food per square meter than soil gardening or traditional hydroponics.

Save Space & Time

Aerospring’s indoor system allows you to grow consistently all year round no matter the climate. The versatility of the garden allows you to grow up to 27 plants using only 1 square metre of space.

Grow Almost Anything

Grow great tasting, fresh, healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and pesticide-free food. The Aerospring can grow almost anything.

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