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The Aerospring Garden Standard
9 sections, 27 plants

  • Danish Design, proudly made in Singapore.
    Estimated Delivery 2 Days

    Designed for balconies & sunny outdoor areas. Continuously harvest fresh living greens & herbs from 27 plant sites per pole. Fresh herbs, salad and tomatoes at your fingertips! Fun & Food for the whole family. 

  • Patent pending design.
    75l bucket & Lid w service port.
    9 Hexagonal Column Sections, Shower Head & Lid & Water Pipe threads.
    Sicce 1.5 Syncra Silent 220V 23W submersible pump. Includes hose & fittings, cable length 2.2m/5m/10m
  • Smart WiFi Timer socket
    28 Grodan Rockwool & 27 Grow pots.
    HexGrow 1l Nutrient Mixes.

    15 minute self-assembly, no tools required.

  • Aerospring Gardens DOES NOT install the garden for you. 
  • You will need a power socket within 2.2m OR 10m reach from the Aerospring, a water faucet connection is handy but is not required to operate the garden. 

  • Minimum maintenance, maximum yield.

    The Aerospring Standard measures 1.65m H x 0.58m W (lid measurement from parallel side to other, 0.64m from corner to corner).
    The base measures 49cm from the parallel side to the other and 53cm from corner to corner. 

  • The Aerospring can accommodate max. 12 hexagonal sections (a different pump needs to be employed for more than 10 modules).
  • This system is supplied with 9 module sections

    3+2 year pump warranty by manufacturer. Warranty does not cover the pump running dry.
  • The Aerospring is made of high quality UV stabilized food-grade plastic.

  • Due to export regulations as well as seed viability issues, the kit is NOT supplied with seeds. You will have to germinate your own to start your garden or you may purchase the Seedling starter set if based in Singapore.
  • Click here to see how to easily assemble the Aerospring!

US based customers can purchase an Aerospring Standard with US voltage pumps and US timer plugs on amazon here:





Urban Aeroponic Gardening

Aerospring Garden's patent-pending vertical edible garden is great for balconies and sunny areas indoors! Harvest your inner farmer and start cultivating your own herbs, vegetables and salads on your small balcony, terrace, garden or sunny spot in the house. Grow a little of your own, delight in the joys of gardening and eat the freshest produce you'll ever taste, right at your fingertips.