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Aerospring Indoor
27 plants

* Due to popular demand, we are out of stock of our indoor systems until our next production run at the end of March 2020. We are awaiting further components to complete packing of systems but will complete this by mid-April. Please enquire with us on timelines and availability. You will be able to pre-order but delivery will only happen before the end of April 2020*

Designed for households, offices and indoor areas. Continuously harvest fresh living greens & herbs from 27 plant sites per pole. Pesticide-free produce at your fingertips! Fun & Food for the whole family. 

Please note that the Aerospring Indoor needs to be placed indoors, preferably in ambient temperatures of less than 30C with sufficient ventilation (broom closets, bomb shelters are wholly unsuitable). It is not weatherproof so it's definitely unsuitable for outdoor balconies or air wells. 

The Aerospring Indoor Kit includes:

Powder coated metal hexagonal frame with custom-built wheelbase and 4 lockable wheels

The indoor version measures 186cm tall, is 78cm wide on parallel sides and 84 cm corner to corner
  • Grow tent with 6 zip able side panels
  • 6 x 23W 4ft patented professional tri-band LED grow lights
  • 1 x 150W driver for lights
  • 200mm quiet exhaust fan 
  • 2 WiFi timers to automate and schedule lights and pump settings
  • Available in two colours: grey and black
The Grower's edition includes the top X5 COB LED panel in order to grow larger plants, such as chilis or tomatoes.
The Aerospring Standard includes:
  • 75l bucket & Lid w service port
  • 9 Hexagonal Column Sections, shower head & lid & water pipe threads
  • 12V DC 24W water pump with country specific adapters. Includes hose & fittings + 2 spare impeller parts for pump
  • 28 Grodan rockwool cubes & growpots
  • HexGrow 1l Nutrient Mixes

  • 60 minute assembly, no tools required.
    Minimum maintenance, maximum yield.
  • 12 month warranty on pump and LED grow lights

Urban Aeroponic Gardening

Aerospring Garden's patent-pending vertical edible garden is great for balconies and sunny areas indoors! Harvest your inner farmer and start cultivating your own herbs, vegetables and salads on your small balcony, terrace, garden or sunny spot in the house. Grow a little of your own, delight in the joys of gardening and eat the freshest produce you'll ever taste, right at your fingertips.