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Aerotimer - Digital Repeat Cycle Timer

The Aerotimer is a simple and effective way to set precise timed cycles for almost any 220/240V electrical device, including your water pump for the Aerospring Garden (or any other hydroponic gardening system). This digital repeat cycle timer has a light sensor for day and/or night settings.

The Aerotimer has a large digital LCD display allowing user adjustable settings. ON or OFF times are 10 seconds and 99 hours respectively. A built in rechargeable Ni-MH backup battery stores timing settings in case of a power outage or failure.

The Aerotimer should be set according to your growing conditions and you should observe how your plant's watering needs for the first couple of days - increase or decrease the watering frequency for optimum based on your growing environment.

The Aerotimer has a wide range of uses including but not limited to: controlling hydroponic and aeroponic water pumps, CO2 generators and CO2 tank controllers, ozone generators, etc. 

Technical parameters:

  • Working Voltage: 220-240 V/50Hz
  • Max setting time: 99 Hours
  • Min Setting Time: 10 seconds
  • Timing error: ≤1 minute/ month