Chrome In-line KDF Shower Filter

Chrome In-line KDF Shower Filter

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What is KDF?

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation. KDF uses a basic chemical process which is known as redox (oxidation/reduction). This chemical process removes iron, chlorine, mercury, lead, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies and is used in pretreatment, primary treatment, and wastewater applications.

Carbon & KDF filter media. KDF removes up to 10x more chlorine than carbon alone and is still effective in hot water. KDF also releases a powerful anti- bacterial which helps reduce bacterial build-up in the shower head and also reduces heavy metals/contaminants.

Easy Fit No specialist skills required. It just screws directly onto your shower, between the shower unit and the shower hose, compatible with standard shower or hose fittings.

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