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HexGrow Bloom A & B Liquid Nutrients 1L

HexGrow Bloom is specially formulated for fruiting plants like tomatoes and chilis as well as herbs and leafy greens. It is a balanced NPK liquid nutrient ideal for the Aerospring and other hydroponic systems. HexGrow consists of A & B solutions which must be mixed into your tank separately. This formulation can also be used for soil gardening.

Our liquid nutrients are specially developed for hydroponic and aeroponic vegetable farming in tropical environments. Different formulations of liquid nutrients are required for herbs & fruiting vegetables and other essential amino acids and micronutrients will compliment the health of your garden.

Developed by German experts in agricultural plant nutrition, Aerospring Gardens' HexGrow nutrients are a minerals based nutrient solution specifically designed to promote the growth of all types of food and flowering crops in the tropics.