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Lettuce - Lactuca Sativa L.

  • There's nothing fresher than harvesting lettuce from your own garden! 

    Please note that there are certain types of lettuces that fare better indoors than outdoors - 
    Little Gem & Grand Rapid can be grown outdoors, all other types are better suited indoors


    'Adriana' Butterhead

    Heat tolerant dark green butterhead.

    Developed by the same talented breeder who gave us Ermosa, Adriana is large and has a broad disease package. Heads are full and dense with good flavor. Good tolerance to tipburn and bolting. High resistance to downy mildew

    'Coastal Star' Romaine

    A longtime favorite. 

    The large, heavy heads are dark green. Heat tolerant. Suitable for marketing as full heads or romaine hearts. Good, sweet flavour.

    'Tropicana' Lettuce

    Standard heat tolerant green leaf. 

    Plants produce full heads with heavy leaves. Tolerant to tipburn. Intermediate resistance to corky root.

    'Salvius' Romaine

    Bolt tolerant and widely adaptable.

    Medium green, upright plants. Open habit makes it more suitable for heads. Good flavor with a crisp texture. Utility Patent granted. High resistance to downy mildew races