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MICROGREENS - Cress 'Broadleaf' (Lepidium Sativum L.)

Cress 'Broadleaf' (Lepidium Sativum L.) - Annual, very fast growing herbal plant, highly valued for its especially rich nutritional value. Seeds germinate in 2-3 days and ready for harvest in 7-14 days. Dark green colour, tiny leaves grows densely, are aromatic, juicy, very delicious. Has unique flavour and goes very well with wide variety of dishes, both, fresh and cooked. Can be grown outside and inside on windowsills. Prefers well drained, fertile soil and warm, bright location. Inside can be grown year round, while outside the seeds are sown in the beginning of May. For continious harvest, the seeds can be sown every 7-14 days.Naturally very richin Iodine, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, supporting healthy well being and overall health.