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pH Adjustment Solutions

pH is a measure of acidity, which matters because nutrients are more or less available at different levels of acidity. That means you’ll need to find the sweet spot on the pH scale where all of the nutrients are available, and the plants are getting what they need.

When pH is not at the proper level the plant will lose its ability to absorb some of the essential elements required for healthy growth. For all plants there is a particular pH level that will produce optimum results. This pH level will vary from plant to plant, but in general most plants prefer a slightly acid growing environment (between 5.5-6.0), although most plants can still survive in an environment with a pH of between 5.0 and 7.5. 

To regulate the pH up or down in your Aerospring, adjustment chemicals are like phosphoric acid (to lower pH) and potassium hydroxide (to raise pH) are used. Both of these chemicals are food grade and relatively safe to use, but like all chemicals should be kept away from children and should never come in contact with the eyes. Our pH adjusters that are diluted to a 5% & 10% level that is reasonably safe and easy to use, each bottle is 250ml. Store out of the heat/sun and keep away from children.