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Seedling Kickstarter Set for Aerospring

Germination of your own seeds can be a stumbling block for many on their gardening journey, each seed has different germination needs ranging from temperature, light and sprouting time. If you wish to skip the process and start growing immediately with the Aerospring in Singapore, consider adding our Seedling Kickstarter Set to your purchase.

A starter selection of seedlings (baby plants not seeds!) for the Aerospring system. The standard selection consists of (may vary depending on time of year:

  • Tuscan & Curly Kale
  • Basil - Bolloso, Thai and Spicy Globe Basil
  • Chili Peppers - Habaneros and Asian Chilis
  • Mint - Choice of 4-6 types of mint 
  • Mizunas - Red streak, golden, kyoto, scarlet frills
  • Mustards - southern curled, red giant
  • Rocket
  • Lettuce (seasonal)
  • Dwarf Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Herbs - Rosemary & Lavender

This selection comes standard (no substitutions) and some leafy varieties will be doubled or tripled up. We may have limited amounts of speciality herbs & vegetables like dill, chives, tomatoes, eggplant etc. depending on the season which could be supplemented to the selection. All seedlings grown from Franchi, Seedsmaster and other quality organic and conventional seeds from around the world. Cuttings gathered and propagated from our own pesticide-free garden. Seedlings are rooted in Grodan rock wool cubes and placed in 75mm NFT cups which fit the Aerospring gardening system perfectly.

Because seedlings are delicate live plants, our delivery process is to call for a gogovan that will pick up and transport the seedlings to you directly within 2 hours anywhere in Singapore. But you can also call for your own courier to collect the seedlings - just denote pickup and add collection time and method in your order notes.