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Eggplant - Solanum melongena

  • Thai eggplant varieties may be purple, white, red or green and are smaller than other eggplant varietals. Native to Thailand, these eggplants range from the round green variety to slender, elongated Thai yellow eggplant or Thai white eggplant.

    These eggplant varieties fare better in Singapore's heat and humidity compared to western eggplant varieties like "Black Beauty".



    Bright purple flowers add beauty to this compact, edible ornamental. Well-suited for balconies, patios, and gardens and also ideal for urban farming operations. Patio Baby is a true mini, maintaining proper proportions of fruit to calyx as it grows. Thin-skinned 2–3" long fruit with tender flavor, perfect for grilling or roasting. Continuous set of spineless fruits make harvest pain- free and child-friendly.